The Tides of Change

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Years ago, my wife and I were holidaying in Mexico. We were playing on a beautiful white sand beach with our daughter Colleen, who was about 4 years old at the time. In water up to our ankles, we chased each other in and out of the rushing surf,  all the while trying to dodge the next […]

Canada Geese and the Power of Teamwork

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I grew up in the small northern community of Vanderhoof, British Columbia. An awesome place to grow up, where there was room to explore and experience the beauty of “God’s Country”as my grandfather from Missouri used to say. The symbol of our small community was the Canada goose; I guess largely because we seemed to […]

Rock Stars, CEOs and their Similarities

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Business leaders today are faced with the task of continually exceeding multiple stakeholder demands while endeavoring to create a sustainable future for the organizations they serve. To gain a competitive advantage, many will look outside the boundaries of their current organization to other seemingly dissimilar industries capturing new ideas and strategies for integration into their […]

It’s Not Empowerment Unless You Trust People

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Great article reinforcing Trust in a Call Centre environment. In 2001, the domestic essay writers online division sold 4,550 policies

Are you a “trusted leader”?

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More than ever, the business climate today requires that we form collaborative relationships with our internal and external business partners. Whether these are cross-functional teams within your organization, or external stakeholders such as communities, or special interest groups, the need to quickly establish “trust” is paramount if these relationships are to succeed. So why is […]