Change is often challenging for us to understand, accept and to ultimately embrace. This is a short story about change; the process of confronting it, overcoming it, and embracing it. Lessons through the eyes of our children are often the most powerful, and here was one of mine. I look forward to hearing your stories and lessons learned. .

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Rock Stars, CEOs and their Similarities

My interview with Kenny Loggins


We often associate Rock Stars as those “living the dream” rocking out and generally enjoying life. However after a recent interview with Kenny Loggins I have learned that Rock Stars are actually a lot like CEOs. See why…

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More than ever, the business climate today requires that we form collaborative relationships with our internal and external business partners. Whether these are cross-functional teams within your organization, or external stakeholders such as communities, or special interest groups, the need to quickly establish “trust” is paramount if these relationships are to succeed. So why is it that in many of these situations, trust is becoming more and more elusive?

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