By maeve maddox it’s ironic that my recent criticism of what I perceive to be an unidiomatic use of folks earned me several comments from southern readers defending the object of my criticism as acceptable southern usage


Change is often challenging for us to understand, accept and to ultimately embrace. This is a short story about change; the process of confronting it, overcoming it, and embracing it. Lessons through the eyes of our children are often the most powerful, and here was one of mine. I look forward to hearing your stories and lessons learned. .

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Male Executive In The City

Each moment of every day we are faced with choices. How we respond to those choices makes a difference and the impacts can be felt well beyond ourselves. This is a personal story about a conscious choice to listen to my “internal voice” and act.

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Agents make money from publishing their clients’ navigate to website work

Balance is an important part of life and I find myself asking “how do I have fun like I did in my childhood”? Certainly easier said than done, all the pressures of day to day life add to a busy mind. Clearing the clutter and adopting a child like view creates a refreshing break and a new valuable perspective.

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