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Hello, and welcome to my Blog.

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My name is Jim Nicholson and I was privileged to be born in small town British Columbia. I say “privileged” as I believe the small town values and sense of community that come from living in these rural communities  have greatly influenced and shaped my thinking, as well as my values. I have also been fortunate to live in many areas of beautiful British Columbia, and to have traveled the world for both business and pleasure.

As a young adult I settled in North Vancouver, Canada, where I met my incredible wife Daphne. Together, we raised our family of 3 children, all now adults, who have been a constant source of pride, joy, and continuous learning.

This Blog is dedicated to my family, for their constant support, love and understanding.

During our careers many of us have had the privilege of being surrounded by wonderful and talented people, all of whom have in some way enhanced our learning and helped shape our thinking as it exists today. The objective of this blog is to write about topics of interest facing business leaders today, and in the process, inform, inspire and expand our thinking as we learn from each other. This aspirational goal is reflected in a  favourite quote of mine by Oliver Wendell Holmes;

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension.”

Experience has taught me that profound personal learning occurs when the information received is timely and actionable. It is only during our own state of “personal readiness” that we can truly embrace and apply the learning to which we are exposed. My wish is that occasionally, a portion of this content will resonate with you, allowing you to take full advantage of the message and its effective application in your environment.

While the focus of this blog will be on business, I do expect however, that the conversations will stray as we blur the lines and link these lessons of business to the lessons of life. I look forward to sharing this interactive journey with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I welcome your comments on its content,  along with your ideas for future articles and would really appreciate you sharing your personal experiences on these subjects.

For more information on who I am and what I have done please feel free to view my professional bio and my LinkedIn profile by clicking on appropriate link at your convenience.

Best Regards;


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