“Sucks the Adult Right out of You!”

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On a recent trip to Costa Rica we had an impromptu gathering of a dozen or so friends who all decided that boogey boarding at low tide the next morning would be a cool thing to do. We assembled at the appointed hour and began the fun.

The squeals of laughter, and sheer joy that this group of 55 plus crowd was having could not be missed. Sun bathers and beach walkers even stopped to enjoy the spectacle. I am sure we looked like a scene out of the movie !

At one point during this hour long romp in the surf, one of the more colourful members of the gang dismounted from his awesome ride and with a moustache full of sand and a giant smile across his face turned to his wife and proclaimed… “that just sucks the (insert colour here) adult right out of you!”

It’s funny how certain comments will resonate long after the event. I have thought about that comment alot since returning back to the job and life in general. I have wondered to myself… why don’t we as adults take the time to create more of those opportunities for ourselves? To simply become that kid again and in doing so, recreate those moments of sheer personal joy. Responsibilities aside, surely there is time for more of these moments?

Since this trip I have to say I am looking for ways to put more fun back into my life and the lives of those around me. Interestingly, a lot of it seems to revolve aroung something as simple as creating more moments of laughter; sometimes at yourself… I can hardly proclaim to be there…. but I am having fun working on it.

What are you doing in your life to “suck the adult right out of you” and release that carefree little kid again, even if only for a moment…let me know I’d love some ideas. What is the cheap essay writer online average length of the compositions in vol